The Swan House Reykjavik

Our way is local, authentic and caring

We love to look after, listen to and inspire people. We believe that fresh experience, discover something new and memories are the fruits of our journey. RÆTUR is the Icelandic word for ROOTS and we develop accommodation with a purpose and connects with the local community. We created the Swan House in 2016 as a boutique apartment hotel for the independent traveller. Where you can live like a local with the inspiration of history, culture and the city awaiting at your doorsteps to explore and discover. The chic design is a mixture of Scandi and rustic feel which is blended with the history of the building and Reykjavik. We made the Swan House with hardwood floors, high-quality beds, a kitchenette and chunk of passion. We are a multilingual team and our service is relaxed and personal. We hope our guests will wake up refreshed, enjoy their stay in heart of Reykjavik and become inspired.

With its industrial history, the Swan House has been a big part of forming the city centre. Starting in the early 20th century, The Milk Company of Reykjavík (Mjólkurfélag Reykjavíkur) bought the property and ran there the first milk store along with producing the milk in behind. In 1930, the house was purchased by a company specialized in making a Margarine. The company name could be translated as Swan butter (Svana smjörlíki). They then registered the house as “The Swan”. Later the company took an entirely different direction and started to make candy, chocolate and combust coffee. We try to keep the history of the building alive by making the industrial spirit come alive with our rustic and comfortable design.